Generating targeted organic traffic

Keyword focus

Trying to cram everything you do as a business in to your websites home page will ultimately result in you diluting your focus away from your primary objective keyword. Create relevant landing pages for the different types of services you offer. This will help you to spend more time focusing on specific search terms within a designated page, potentially allowing the search engines to index and ultimately display the page for search results orientated around the service page’s focus keyword. You can help to improve the likelihood of individual services pages from your website ranking by choosing a focus keyword and orientating text, images titles and headers around this key phrase. Be careful not to go overboard as this can result in you being penalised for ‘cramming’. A term used when a search engine deems a website to be over using a particular search term or phrase in order to gain a ranking improvement.

Titles and descriptions

When choosing your individual web pages meta title and descriptions it is important to not only ensure you are using your focus keyword, but to try and be relevant and unique. Simply regurgitating a slightly different version of your competitor’s title and description is an easy mistake to make. Think about what you would like to read if you were doing the search, what is niche about your business that will make you stand out from the other companies being displayed in the search results. You may offer a 24-hour service, a work guarantee or free delivery. Try highlighting what you do better than anyone else. Internet users are comparison buyers, they will look through the search results and click on websites that jump out to them. Use relevant terminology to their search and offers of quality of work and service to help stand out.


Your business will be listed on various directories, social media and search results. Some will allow your business to merely advertise one key service, others will allow more. Google My Business Centre and Bing Places for instance will ask for you to choose a primary category to be displayed on your local search results along with your business information. They do however allow you to list a range of sub categories that you would like your business to also displayed for in the search results. Utilise this opportunity by listing 2-3 key services that you offer. This will help your business to be displayed more often within local directory, social and search results when users are searching for products and services you have to offer within the areas you have to offer them in.

Written by Ian Murray
Ian is both Google & Bing certified. With his 10 years experience in the field, he heads up the marketing department at Web & Roll. On a personal level Ian is a big football fan and loves any excuse to take a client for 18 holes of golf!