How to set up emails on your iPhone


  1. If you have your email login then go to step 3. If you don’t have it but have your cPanel login please follow step 2.
  2. Log in in cPanel > Go to “email accounts” > Click email account in question > Follow config steps on page
  3. Login in to webmail at using email credentials
  4. Go to Configuration Options
  5. Now you have 2 options – Install configuration file, or add settings manually.

Now we need to enter all the settings. Be careful when entering, most hosts including ourselves use highly secure passwords full of characters & symbols. Make no mistake when keying in the details:

Option 1: Download & install configuration file

Please note – You should be logged into webmail on your iPhone if you want to install the configuration file here

  1. On Configuration Options page scroll down to Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts
  2. Find device on list of options (if not there enter manual settings)
  3. Download protocol by clicking IMAP over SSL/TLS on the device you wish to install emails on
  4. The profile should start installing on your device, you will need to enter password

Option 2: Insert secure settings manually

  1. Find section titled Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)
  2. Add settings manually into devices you wish to manage your emails on as per below
  3. Go to iPhone settings
  4. Go to passwords and accounts
  5. Click add account
  6. Click add mail account
  7. Enter settings from cPanel
  8. Go to next page and add incoming and outgoing server details. No need to add username and password for outgoing server but you can if you wish.
  9. All being well, you should be verified. Try sending an email, if problems then double check the port number and other settings in cPanel by going in & clicking on the account & it’s settings

Give us a call is you need assistance after this point!
Written by Tom Barber
I'm a web developer & online marketing specialist who tends to spend most days experimenting & keeping up to date with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & various other work-related jargon. I lead the development team & like to constantly push boundaries within the business. Unfortunately, I support LUFC.