How to set up emails on an iPhone

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June 8 2018 / 




  1. Navigate to settings panel.
  2. Click “mail”.
  3. Click “accounts” at the top, feel free to select any of the below settings to your liking.
  4. Now we need to enter all the settings. Be careful when entering, most hosts including ourselves use highly secure passwords full of characters & symbols. Make no mistake when keying in the details:

  5. Firstly, enter the name you want to appear on your mail account, then the email & password we provided.
  6. Choose “other”.
  7. Click "add mail account".
  8. Lastly, make sure you remember to select either IMAP or POP at the top of your screen (usually IMAP). We now need to enter the correct settings to link up your email account to your iPhone. The first parts of your settings should already be inserted from what we did previously, you should just need to add the incoming & outgoing server details. Web & Roll can provide both secure & less secure settings dependant on what you need.

  9. Enter both incoming & outgoing server settings.
  10. Use either setting you wish, they both will work fine as long as inputted exactly.
  11. Verified. Try sending an email, if problems then double check the port number by going in & clicking on the account & it’s settings.

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