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Central Cars are a taxi firm based in Sheffield, Derbyshire. They came to us requiring an overhaul of their website & whole digital marketing plan.

Desktop preview of Central Cars project
Desktop preview outer shape


Overhaul existing digital marketing plans, build new website, increase local exposure of already established local business in Chesterfield. When working with this particular client who happened not to be the most understanding of computers in general, it was important to explain & simplify the project to make it easy to understand.


We have created a dashboard using Google Data Studio which is hooked up to all sorts of data to display calls, emails, app downloads, form fills & other general stats. This is simplified so that Central Cars can understand it. The amount of calls from the internet in general have risen significantly since embarking on this project. We look forward to a continued relationship for the years to come.

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iPhone preview of Central Cars on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Central Cars on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield