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Chesterfield VW North are a VW repair specialist in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. They came to us for help with regards to branding for a new business.

Desktop preview of Chesterfield VW North project
Desktop preview outer shape


Chesterfield VW North required branding and a website for a new business. They gave us some ideas of websites they liked the look of, a list of their accreditations and some great content and sent us on our way to produce it all.


Everyone loved the site and the brand identity we came up with. They loved it even more when they started ranking and receiving organic enquiries within a few weeks. A lot of the time a lot of it depends on the competition in the target location with regards to ranking, but they said we did a great job as a whole.

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iPhone preview of Chesterfield VW North on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Chesterfield VW North on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield