Coloured Cob are a riding school based over in Derbyshire. They required a redesign of their current website with room to potentially add eCommerce capability.

Desktop preview of Coloured Cob project
Desktop preview outer shape


Considering that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic a few years ago now, its imperative that your business should have a mobile friendly website. With this project, we were asked to redesign their ageing website but concentrate primarily on the mobile & tablet versions. This is something we do anyway with all projects just in case you were wondering... After the success of the new website, we decided to run a three-pronged campaign with them across paid search, organic search & social search.


The amount of likes are shares we achieve on our regular social posts created by out content creators is ridiculous according to the Coloured Cob owner. The results are so positive from the budget that we have had to stop at times for them to catch up during busy periods. We always tell our local business orientated clients that our work should compliment the work you put in gathering quality reviews & making a good name by offering a good service locally, Coloured Cob are a great example of that. Hard work their end, & hard work our end has combined to generate outstanding results.

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iPhone preview of Coloured Cob on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Coloured Cob on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield