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Dansies are a Chesterfield based IT support & general electronic specialists. We were asked to redesign their current website with a new brand for 2018.

Desktop preview of Dansies project
Desktop preview outer shape


In July 2017 Dansies of Chesterfield came to us with a few ideas about a new website design. We went through our usual process which includes taking initial specifications, brand details, ideas & any other requirements. We then sent over our ideas which they loved so we went ahead & started the build. One of the key elements of this particular website was the Facebook Review area. We encourage our clients to make the most of out Facebook & Google Reviews but Dansies had already accumulated lots - Brilliant!


The result was a bit of wacky one compared to their previous version, but everyone at the Dansies team was completely open to positive change & gave us full control of the design after seeing the initial idea. We set up basic call tracking, email tracking & contact form tracking in Google Analytics, since the launch of their new site both their traffic & response rate has increased significantly.

Try hovering over the screens

iPhone preview of Dansies on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Dansies on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield