web design


Minimovez offer a variety of services for children in Sheffield including dance lessons, nursery and parties. We were asked to redesign their current website.

Desktop preview of Minimovez project
Desktop preview outer shape


In September 2017, we were asked to modernise the design of the Minimovez website to bring Minimovez up to date online. We were also asked to put some best practices in place for SEO benefits in the long term with a view to picking up a campaign in the future. The brief said to use monsters in the design, and make it themed for kids & their parents.


Minimovez were ecstatic when we first showed them the new design for their website. After going live with it, they told us how many people had complimented it & thanked us for doing an exceptional job. This is what we thrive on, and are suckers for compliments!

Try hovering over the screens

iPhone preview of Minimovez on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Minimovez on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield