Neil Sharp Kitchens

Neil Sharp and the team design and install luxury, bespoke kitchens in Central Scotland

Neil  was referred to us by another client and requested that we produce him a high quality e-brochure and a new website to help promote his new line of bespoke, handmade kitchens.

After consulting with Neil and getting a feel for what he was looking for, the graphic design team produced a stunning 42 page brochure highlighting the Munro and Cosmopolitan collection of kitchens that Neil was producing. The web design team then used the brochure as inspiration to create the new website, which not only showcased the exceptional quality of the kitchens, but also the craftsmanship that went into producing them. It was then the turn of the digital marketing team to help the end user be able to find the website and see what Neil and the guys were capable of. We ensured that we created a digital presence by following our tried and tested SEO methods and then fed relevant traffic through to the website with a highly efficient PPC campaign.

All of which contributed towards the finished article and a vast amount of new enquiries for Neil to deal with.

Project categories:Websites/Digital marketing
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