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Seatsurfer required a custom build with an admin dashboard to enable them to be able to update tickets easily. We worked with a PHP framework on this project

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Over time, we have worked closely with Seatsurfer on a number on changes to their PHP website with a Bootstrap front-end framework including embedding a payment gateway into their checkout page, improving the responsive layout, working with the Facebook API, but mostly working with their admin side to improve the functionality for their users. We have also set up detailed abandoned cart tracking in Google Analytics to allow us to retarget their users through advertising.


After quite a long time working with Seatsurfer, we have improved the organic traffic to their site through positive on-site SEO changes and more importantly, improved the average session duration of existing users by looking into the user experience. We have made sure that they are fully compliant, and with it being a high traffic website, we set up a CDN to allow for fast loading speeds whenever their users are online. These type of dynamic websites require lots of ongoing maintenance, but so far the result has definitely been positive.

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