web design


Your Paw Patrol are a dog walking & sitting business based in Leeds, Yorkshire. We were required to design the branding as it was a new business.

Desktop preview of Your Paw Patrol project
Desktop preview outer shape


Your Paw Patrol came to us simply needing everything from a logo onwards. We assessed the job specs & gave them some mock up ideas for general branding to mull over. We then decided on autumn based colours, and a rustic feel for the website, and developed an initial strategy for SEO, social media & business listings.


Within a few weeks of putting the website live with no advertising, Your Paw Patrol were thanking us because they were getting calls through organically. We think it works well for the industry & will continue to do so for the coming years.

Try hovering over the screens

iPhone preview of Your Paw Patrol on iPhone
iPhone preview shape
iPad or tablet version of Your Paw Patrol on iPad
iPad or tablet mock up of responsive web design in Sheffield