CDC Draincare

<p>CDC Draincare are a large drainage company based in Leeds who operate throughout the UK. They offer a wide range of commercial and domestic services.</p><p>CDC wanted to modernise their brand and appeal to more commercial clients with a more corporate <a href="/services/websites">website</a>. They already deal with many corporate clients, but their website was geared up in terms of both design and content to attract more local traffic. They required a new website to reflect the companies transition over the years.</p><p>The whole team were really happy with the website and the extra functionality we added to allow them to advertise jobs, and post blogs. We gave them a CMS to be able to manage this easily along with instructions in the CMS of exactly what to do.</p><p>Following the launch of the website, we began a successful <a href="/services/digital-marketing">digital marketing</a> campaign which has so far given them a huge increase in relevant calls, and popularised them on Google.</p>
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