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Get fast results, an improved conversion rate and a solid return on investment through a managed pay per click (ppc) campaign with a local Google Partner PPC agency

PPC gives local businesses the ability to advertise in the place their target audience will be searching for their services exactly when they are looking for them, but only pay when their ad is clicked on.

On paper it seems like a foolproof digital marketing strategy but it can be challenging and has it pitfalls so that is where a PPC agency comes in.

We are Google Partners and have many years experience providing PPC services in Sheffield & the UK. We can also help with Bing Ads, LinkedIn ads, setting up Google Analytics and more.

Local PPC campaigns

Increase your local coverage

We specialise in local PPC campaigns and are a Sheffield PPC agency that will dig deep to understand local businesses customer bases, how they behave on your website, and what makes them tick. Added to that, we also thoroughly analyse the competition in the market so that our clients can thrive.

Each local business we work with is different and have different advertising budgets which we totally understand. We are here to help maximise the potential from the budget you have through careful ongoing management of your paid search advertising. A lot of the time, we have found that our customers have used Google Ads or Bing Ads in the past, and after auditing their campaigns, we found several issues such as:

  • Targeting the wrong keywords by mistake on broad match.
  • Not blocking out certain keywords using the negative keyword list.
  • Not setting up campaign goals such as conversions - Without a goal or with the wrong goal, your budget is often increased to try achieve something that is not possible. This results in wasted ad spend.

We offer a free consultation and a free PPC audit for local businesses looking to get relevant traffic to their website.

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Search ads

Creating a search ad that goes straight to the top of a search engine is not always to right way to approach a successful PPC campaign. Often it’s better to use your budget wisely, and narrow your target audience down and advertise where and when it is more likely to convert and lead to more relevant traffic, sales or leads.

We can help improve your search campaigns by doing exactly this, and chasing down long-tail keywords which can bring more relevant traffic.

We use industry-leading software to plan, build and monitor advertising campaigns for clients, and can provide amazing results for your PPC budget.

PPC campaign strategy

Display ads & remarketing

Display PPC ads or remarketing can work brilliantly as it is often cheaper than search ads, and can be highly successful when used to target previous website visitors. For example, it’s possible to target customers who spent at least a minute looking at a product on your website, then abruptly left. Maybe something took their mind away from the product in that moment, but it shows that they might potentially be a high value potential customer when considering that they spent that amount of time on your site in the first place.

This type of paid advertising is also a great way of increasing your brand’s visibility through advertising on Google partner websites using the Google Display Network.

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