With our professional hosting services, you can be sure your website is safe and accessible by visitors at all times. We provide a suite of reliable hosting services, including dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting. Our Google Cloud Platform based servers are secure, updated regularly, and monitored so you have nothing to worry about.

Lightning fast performance

We use SSD (solid state drive technology) for storing websites, databases, emails and all other files. Compared to standard server drives, SSD technology allows for much more manoeuvrability, giving a significant boost to performance speed. This is ideal for clients with multiple websites or large databases – you can rest assured we’ll be able to host your data with maximum efficiency. Even if your web presence is smaller in scale, you can benefit from our high-speed operations.

Secure environment

Our servers are monitored by our Sheffield-based IT specialists who monitor our services regularly. Daily backups are automated so we can always revert if something goes wrong, we also store a complete backup in storage on your behalf every quarter for safe keeping. If we built your website, we use Github to safely store all the source code, we can provide access to the repository upon request. We work hard to make sure your website is up and running at all times, so you can focus on growing your business.

SSL security

Not so long ago, most visitors only expected to see a secure ‘HTTPS’ extension in the URL of their online banking portal. Times have changed fast, and a SSL security certificate is now considered a must-have for any website – Search engines flag all pages not equipped with one as insecure. With us, you never have to worry about losing visitors’ trust in your website, as we issue SSL certificates for our clients at no extra cost. If you have higher security requirements, we can also source Wildcard or EV SSL certificates to ensure all operations are smooth and secure.


All of our hosting packages include cPanel, which is the industry-leading control panel for managing web hosting. cPanel allows users to easily manage websites, emails, databases and any other files in their hosting space, and also allows us to set limitations where required for your own safety – However, these can be removed upon request. We can advise clients on cPanel usage and provide ongoing support if necessary.

CDN equipped

We can assist and offer advice with regards to setting up a CDN such as Cloudflare which can provide further acceleration for your website. A CDN (content delivery network) relays your content to multiple data centres around the world. This optimises load times for users in different regions, as their traffic gets distributed to a CDN server that is as near their geographic location as possible. Using a CDN helps avoid slowdowns in times of heavy traffic to your website, ensuring you don’t lose potential customers because of sluggishly loading pages.

WordPress hosting

Many of our clients prefer to use the WordPress CMS for managing their website. WordPress has a high share of the market for a reason – it’s extremely flexible and provides a great framework for many businesses. For your convenience, we offer specifically configured WordPress hosting services.


We understand that words like cPanel, SSL and CDN come across as technical jargon for some clients. We won’t require you to spend valuable time on the learning curve – We offer full technical support and advice for our hosting clients but normally manage hosting accounts on behalf of our clients to ensure nothing goes wrong. Our level of involvement in your hosting solution is completely up to you.