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Migdale Transport contacted us requiring a website and CMS (content management system) so they could easily manage and update their own website content.We worked closely with the team at Migdale Transport to understand their specific needs and goals for the website. Based on this, we designed a custom CMS that was user-friendly and intuitive for the team to use.One of the key successes of the project was our focus on creating a visually appealing and responsive website design. This was important for Migdale Transport as they wanted to showcase their services and attract new customers. The finished website not only looked professional, but it was also optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that users could easily browse and engage with the website no matter what device they were using.Another factor that contributed to the success of the project was our attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines. We worked efficiently to deliver the website and CMS on time and to the highest standard.

Overall, the web design project with Migdale Transport was a success due to our effective communication and collaboration with the team, our focus on creating a visually appealing and responsive design, and our dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering a high-quality end product. The custom CMS we built has allowed Migdale Transport to easily manage and update their website, streamlining their content management processes.

Recent project we worked on for Migdale Transport

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