Digital Marketing

Each one of our tailored digital marketing campaigns is unique with lots of hard work going in. We have years of experience working with a multitude of industries.

Social media

Setting up & managing business social media can be both time consuming & confusing to most people. Take away the strain by working with a team of specialists who are capable of planning & implementing profitable social media advertising campaigns, or simply managing your company social profile on your behalf.

Content creation

Our design team regularly come up with heart-warming ideas to post across various digital platforms including social media, email & more. This content can we as relevant or wacky as you like. Whatever suits the occasion!

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digital marketing plans

We try approach digital marketing as a whole rather than approaching each element individually. The clients we tend to work with require multiple products, so we combine them to create bespoke plans

More details...

Here are some more summaries of types of digital marketing campaigns we run. As mentioned above, we tend to mix various elements & integrate into one campaign. Speak to one of our team for further assistance.

Social media set up

We can set up your social media platforms and integrate them as one. These include Facebook, Google, Twitter & LinkedIn generally. Doing this means that you won't need to post individually to each page, but instead can either schedule or send your posts to all your platforms. We can do much more depending on your requirements, so we will advise depending on your circumstances.

Social media management

After initial set up & optimisation, we can continue to work with your social media platforms if required. We would request a weekly summary email from yourselves asking for steer on posts, then go ahead & create content for them on your behalf. We have a vast amount of experience in gaining a following socially, and can turn social media into a source for quality leads in a matter of months.

Email marketing

We can create beautiful HTML email templates to compliment your brand, then work with you to create tailored content to go out to various client or potential client demographics. Multiple avenues, templates & pieces of content can be created depending on events, demographics, offers & more. Our team will recommend the best path to start your business on.


From email automation to sales automation, Web & Roll can assist with saving your business time on those menial jobs. For example, we can send welcome emails to new customers, generate monthly emails tailored to each customer & much more. We use it ourselves with a range of our internal work.


Our copywriting team can assist with writing your website, or any other content as required. Getting across what you mean on paper can sometimes be very time-consuming. Let us take away the hassle of trying to write what you do, give us simple notes & we will do the rest.


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