Pay per click

Effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns help you reach the audience you need. Being Google Partners, we are experts at planning and implementing successful PPC strategies tailored for different industries and target demographics. Our PPC services are based on careful planning and market research to ensure you’re getting maximum value.

What is pay per click?

Pay per click is a form of advertisement allowing businesses to increase their visibility on relevant websites, search results and other platforms for a fee. Compared to SEO, it offers a shortcut to the summit – while search engine optimisation requires long-term commitment to reach the first page of search results, PPC makes it possible to get all the way to the top of Google in the blink of an eye. It is the ideal way to get a quick boost of relevant traffic to your website. While PPC campaigns should be combined with a sustained SEO effort, they are a useful tool for reaching short-term targets. Because of the excellent return on PPC investment we are able to achieve across industries, we advise our customers to utilise Google Ads as part of their digital marketing strategies. Our services include planning and managing pay per click campaigns as well as offering PPC consultation.

Can I do this myself?

You might be wondering whether or not there is any point in opting for professional PPC services – we just made it sound so easy! However, the truth is that there is much more to PPC than just magically shooting to the top of the search results. The crucial thing is knowing which pages, keywords and audiences and worth targeting, and knowing what contributes to getting you noticed. Metrics such as the Google quality score (a ranking of your page content out of 10) and the search term report (which provides detailed information on what users have been searching to find your website) provide greatly helpful data, which we use to recommend specific amendments. When you improve your metrics, better results will follow in the long term.

Get a free PPC audit

Get in touch with our team for an audit of your pay per click campaign. We will help with initial improvements and make recommendations to set your business in good stead.

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Our workflow

Our PPC projects start with an audit of your current set up, which we offer for all clients or potential clients free of charge. Requesting an audit does not obligate you to any further services from us, if you want to continue working with us, we can take over your PPC campaign and manage it going forward. Our PPC management services are based on an in-depth understanding of your business and website. We will suggest vital improvements to your website and help you create landing pages that support the advertisement campaigns we will be running together. If required, our design and development team can help you modify or create unique landing pages for your website and campaigns.

Search networks

As accredited Google Partners, we are experts at launching and managing successful Google Ads campaigns. Most of our clients choose to focus their PPC campaigns on Google – after all, it is globally the most prominent search network. While a quick launch is possible, our specialist PPC team generally favours more long-term strategies where the scale and precision of the campaign grows over time. We always try to research the competitive market in order to find a niche where our clients can achieve optimal return on investment with PPC campaigns. Over time, we will use techniques such as adding negative keywords, blocking out certain geographical locations and comparing metrics to make sure your campaign succeeds.


This is an effective method of using targeted display advertising to win the custom of indecisive browsers. Imagine, for example, that you have a business selling shoes online. A visitor finds an interesting pair of shoes on your website and opens the product page. For whatever reason, they don’t follow through with the purchase, leaving your website instead. A few moments later, the visitor starts watching a video on YouTube – only to see an advert of the very same pair of shoes on that page. Being reminded of those wonderful shoes, they click the ad, this time to go through with the purchase. In a nutshell, this is how behavioural retargeting works, regardless of your actual industry. It monitors user interest to display relevant PPC ads on other pages later on. If you’d like to make the most of display advertising, we can help set up an effective system.

Display networks

Effective display advertising relies on the seamless integration of multiple relevant platforms, including websites, search engines and social media apps. We have years of experience in designing and executing display advertisement campaigns that simultaneously strengthen our clients’ brands and generate leads, sales and other conversions. As accredited Google Partners, our display ad services are focused on Google, but we also use alternative platforms to widen outreach. For instance, Facebook Ads can be enhanced with more visual appeal than a generic search engine ad. Whatever the platform, we will consider each and every component (timing, target demographics, ad design and location..) before launching a new display advertising campaign. We understand that thorough planning and market analysis will get your PPC advertising noticed by exactly the right people!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a streamlined platform providing users with direct links to product pages. It holds vast potential for e-Commerce entrepreneurs – but as is the case with the regular Google search engine, getting exposure can be tough. For our clients in the e-Commerce industry, we offer assistance in getting your products noticed on this platform via Google Merchant Centre. In addition to offering PPC services, we can create beautiful and effective landing pages to boost your e-Commerce conversion rate.