We utilise a UK based server with high security, maximum compatibility & NGINX server speed. Prices start at £150 per year. Contact us for a quote based on requirement.

Runs like lightspeed

Websites, databases, emails & all other files are stored on SSD's (solid state drive technology). SSD's allow for much more manoeuvrability than standard server drives which results in much higher performance.


Every one of our hosting packages utilises cPanel which is the industries leading control panel. cPanel allows you to easily manage the website, emails, database & other files which live on your hosting space. We set as few limitations as possible to allow for edits specific to your requirements.

Secure environment

Our servers are monitored by our IT specialists so that if anything goes wrong, we fix it quickly. 99.99% of the time, nothing does - This were our stats from 2017. Rest safe in the knowledge that we run daily backups for your convenience.

CDN equipped

We give our clients to option to utilise the Cloudflare CDN which can speed up your website rapidly. CDN's relay your content to multiple data centres around the world which help with load times from other areas.

Wordpress hosting

Many of our clients prefer to use the Wordpress CMS to manage their website. Wordpress has 59.9% of the marketshare for a reason, it's highly editable & is a great framework for most businesses. We offer specialist Wordpress hosting & use a tailored server to host.

SSL security

We can issue basic SSL certificates for our clients at no extra cost. We can also source Wildcard or EV SSL certificates for clients with high traffic websites or higher security requirements.

Support available

We understand that cPanel, SSL & all the other terms used above can be just technical jargon for some people. So we offer full support to our hosting clients whenever required. However, we usually manage your hosting account on your behalf anyway to ensure things don't go wrong.