The call to action


Ian Murray


When browsing the web, you will come across many forms of call to actions. These could include pop ups, incentives, offers, sign up forms & much more. On this blog page, we help you understand how they work, and best practices when implementing on your website. If in Sheffield, pop in for a chat & we can show you.

Get creative

The action itself could be anything from a simple email form, right through to an interactive portfolio to show off your previous work. The aim is to get your end users engaging with your content rather than flicking through & leaving.

Here’s the tricky bit; You can’t expect to slip a small button onto your site which is barely noticeable, & expect to be inundated with new leads, or see your bounce rate drop through the floor. You must be creative in how you approach your calls to action, entice your user to discover more about what you are offering through imaginative text and imagery.

A good example

Let’s take John the Plumber as an example. On his website he wanted to build up an instant rapport with his users. This & an undeniable trust that he is not only qualified, but has reviews from previous clients to back it up. His slider hero image starts by announcing that he is Gas Safe Registered, & in the following slide he invites you to ‘Check out his Google reviews’ With a link further down the page to his 4.7 star rating on Google. With this call to action, John has instantly established that he can be trusted as the website reassures you with previous customer comments – Logically, customers in any market are more likely to go with a well reviewed service provider. Which is what tends to happen with John.

Now this is merely one example of a call to action. Each business has different requirements of their website and will want users to interact with it in different ways. Contact our specialist marketing team for more information.

What to consider before implementation

  • Be eye catching – Whether it be through imagery or a clever catchphrase, you want users to be able to see what action you want them to take.
  • Be creative don’t state the obvious and be upset when users choose not to, use content that makes people want to act, avoid click here, and do this.
  • Be relevant in your destination. Take the user to a page, section or video that is relevant to your call to action and makes them want to interact when they reach their destination.

What to do next

If you have purchased a website or SEO package from us, all of this will be at hand. We will already have established what you want your site to achieve through our comprehensive web process structure and will be well on our way to producing clear, concise relevant calls to action on your new website. If you haven’t purchased a site yet feel free to give us a call and pick our brains on how you could introduce some calls to action to run alongside our highly-targeted marketing solutions.

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