What is remarketing


Ian Murray


If you are running a pay per click campaign with us, we may have explained this to you before. If we don’t, remarketing is a form of advertising utilised by the major search engines which allows advertisers to advertise to previous visitors to their website. It works well in most industries, especially along with eCommerce websites where visitors may have looked at your product & gone away to consider.

Target an audience

Firstly, you need to create a remarketing list. There are several factors to consider depending on how in depth you want your campaign to be. Target demographics for you new campaign might include:

  • Simply visited your website
  • Visited a specific page on your website
  • People who interacted with a certain number of pages
  • Spent a certain amount of time looking through previously
  • Previously completed a conversion (phone call, form fill etc)
  • Added an item to their basket and did not purchase
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Plus many more options, talk to our helpful PPC team who can assist further
Over 95% of website visitors will leave a website without making a purchase. Why? Because people comparison buy. We all do it, you see something you like and you spend the next 2 hours searching through sites to see if you can get a discount code for the site you’re on, or find it cheaper elsewhere.

Creating an ad

Setting up a remarketing campaign is not like setting up a normal advert & requires extra expertise usually. However, if you are feeling up to it – Try to encourage repeat business. You may wish to include an exclusive offer or discount code to re-engage returning customers. For new clients who may have visited a specific product page, it is possible to dynamically target them with the same product. Consider the following:

  • Ensure the adverts match up to your brand, your advert also raises brand awareness
  • Include a still and text version of your advert as some websites will not support images or videos
  • Always use a call to action
  • Create different ad formats to test which convert best
  • Use Google Analytics to see how people are responding to your landing pages
  • Test which locations are converting best
  • Plus many more elements contribute to a remarketing campaign. If you want to speak to us regarding remarketing, please use the quick email button at the bottom of the post
49% of people will visit a website up to 5 times before purchasing. Which is how and why remarketing was born. You might not capture the visitor first time around but by building a good remarketing list and following a few simple steps, you have a good chance of re-engaging their interest.


  1. There are two types of remarketing code you can put on your website. one through Google Analytics and one through Google Adwords. Analytics will cover your standard remarketing, you will however have to use the Adwords remarketing code if you are planning on running dynamic remarketing.
  2. We would suggest you establish how long you want your remarketing campaigns to run, and how often they appear through frequency capping. If you run it too frequently and for too long you will become an annoyance, not a potential purchase.
  3. Target quality not quantity. Try to avoid targeting people who bounced from your site or spent less than 10 seconds on there. Chances are they were not interested then and still probably aren’t.
  4. Finally, remember that unless specified the remarketing campaign could display your advert across the whole network. Try to avoid areas you do not want your brand to be associated with like, profanity, sexual content, pages with errors etc.

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