Showers of Flowers are a leading florist based in Glasgow, UK.

Sometime in 2015, we were asked to speak to Showers of Flowers. Their website was not working at all, and their online sales were non-existent due to the poorly functioning website. We were asked to assist with teaching them how to present themselves online, & help nurture their online business. From the outset, we recommended a mixture of design, paid advertising, SEO & social media.

Since 2015, we have evolved Showers of Flowers online drastically, & have grown their online business significantly through various platforms highlighted earlier. To compare the reports from before we began working with them to how they are now, the sales, calls, emails & form fill conversion rates are staggering. This change epitomises what is possible for any business with the right team at your disposal.

Recent project we worked on for Showers of Flowers

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