Strategic Cloud Solutions are a technology firm based in Sheffield who work in partnership with Microsoft offering cloud solutions to businesses across the UK.

We were contacted by Strategic Cloud Solutions in reference to producing them a new website to replace their current offering which had been built in-house. They had a clear message that they wanted to portray through the website and vision for how they believed it would be best highlighted. The content team spent a lot of time working with the customer to generate both the correct visual representation of the business and also the text to support it. Once signed off a draft homepage was produced by our head web designer which the client was very happy with. Thereafter the web design team completed the project inline with the remaining content and to keep within the branding guidelines provided by the customer.

The end result was a very clean looking website that showcases the simplicity that Strategic Cloud Solutions offerings can be and highlights the benefits of these solutions to businesses who require the services.

Recent project we worked on for Strategic Cloud Solutions

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