Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Google have recently released early access to their latest update to Google Analytics. If you log in and see the below, you are able to become an early adopter of Google Analytics 4. What are the differences? The main difference between Google Analytics 4 and previous versions is the event-driven data model. Google Analytics collects … Continued

Google Business Centre Short Names

Your Google short name is in essence very similar to your ‘page username’ on Facebook and provides an easy way to access your Google My Business profile for users. Google has recently introduced a new feature to the Google My Business Centre dashboard called ‘short name’. Why is it useful? It allows business owners to … Continued

Google Alerts

What are Google Alerts and how can they help your business? Google Alerts is a free content detection service provided by Google. The service is simple to use and can help suggest content for businesses looking for inspiration for SEO and social media campaigns. How does it work? The user creates an account, then sets keywords they would like to … Continued

Fresh content

Maintaining your website by updating your contact data, pricing, opening times and services is vital to enable you to provide potential and current customers accurate information about what your business offers, how much you charge and when these products and services are available. It is also very important for you to keep your websites design looking fresh … Continued

What is remarketing?

Intro If you are running a pay per click campaign with us, we may have explained this to you before. If we don’t, remarketing is a form of advertising utilised by the major search engines which allows advertisers to advertise to previous visitors to their website. It works well in most industries, especially along with eCommerce websites where visitors … Continued

The call to action

Intro When browsing the web, you will come across many forms of call to actions. These could include pop ups, incentives, offers, sign up forms & much more. On this blog page, we help you understand how they work, and best practices when implementing on your website. If in Sheffield, pop in for a chat … Continued

Bounce rates – What you need to know

Intro Like any issue, you need to understand what the problem is before you can fix it! The bounce rate is when someone enters your website, be it through the home page or an internal page and leaves without viewing any further pages on your site. This is your websites bounce rate. Where to find … Continued